The new 2020 Volvo XC60

In this review we are going to talk about the updated crossover 2020 Volvo XC60 model year. This redesigned car with a more affordable price than its predecessors, with optimized performance and excellent appearance. More vividly perceive allow us to review photos and video materials.

Updated 2020 Volvo XC60 – a car that is strongly interested readers and is considered the best-selling 2020 Volvo model in Russia and in many other CIS countries.

The model was updated in the spring of , the changes have affected the exterior and interior a bit. Outside missing some lights, running lights were vertical. The V40-style grille executed smoothly flows into the front bumper.

To distinguish the new version of the crossover from the stern harder all the differences boil down to the fog and exhaust pipes. Looking at the tailgate can be seen as a blue label on the previous 2020 Volvo S80. Label indicates that touched the guys from the Pole Star to the vehicle, we estimate that they did.

The trunk offers a still button, without the luxury of no where. In the trunk we were met by a quality-looking curtain, very often this becomes a trifle remark for new cars. Roof completely chipped very high quality material (in terms of sound insulation it plays an important role), including the door itself.

By volume, the boot holds 500 liters, this class is a good indicator. Of the additional chips, Outlet 12V, of course she was not surprised, but without it, not as (for example, to connect the car vacuum cleaner).

Under the raised floor we have a nice organizer, where you can spread out the necessary detail. Of course there is a spare wheel, but this is the first minus the new 2020 Volvo, which smacks of a certain Kitaeznoy 🙂 Tire chute known firm Chaoyank (Not heard of it? 🙂 I too …) typical of Made in China, we can only hope that this is the only part of China in this vehicle.

Please note from the trunk easily possible to fold the seat, one of the cool chips became headrest folding option, it is both the Honda CR-V (a button next to the headrest). After completely folding the rear seats flat and we have quite a long floor it may come under the bed for travel lovers. Most notable details in the trunk, not what is not seen.

Outside view of the new 2020 Volvo XC60 have seen for the first time in 2006, when the concept was introduced on the basis of which set up the car. Since then, the appearance has changed little. Sales of the first generation of the car began in 2008. Now we consider the model of the car, which is essentially a restyling of the previous model.

Specifications have not changed, the same engines, same gearboxes. Information XC60 is built on a global platform, which is used in many cars Ford, Mazda and Land Rover. Most akin to a Freelander 2. Only our wagon lengthened by 10 cm, also used in the Freelander Rear suspension type McPherson, there is a standard mnogoryichazhka.

Now you can buy a 2020 Volvo XC60 with five engines, two petrol is T5 and T6 are powerful enough units and three diesel D3, D4 and D5. Choice boxes similar to other models that 2020 Volvo Preselektivnaya mechanics and PowerShift six-speed automatic.

We consider a car with T5 marking and automatic transmission that is under the hood of 215 horsepower and maximum torque of 440 Nm. As mentioned before, we car with blue name plate, then the motor in a car similar to the S80 pumped, resulting in a 215, as much as 230 hp and KM 470 Nm.

Bleed the engine was more elastic, due to the increased range of produce maximum power and maximum torque.

Given that this crossover, it has dynamic characteristics slightly worse than those of the C80 with the same engine. According to his passport not chipovat XC60 T5 has to accelerate to 100km / h in 8.3 seconds. According to the managers prochipovav cars, acceleration can be reduced by a full second, the rate is not bad in principle.

Sitting at the wheel 2020 Volvo XC60 just pay attention to the noise insulation, it is amazing that something like we can recall in this class only for the Range Rover’s the Evoque . External noise hardly fall into the cabin and excellent as the vibration and noise isolation of the bottom, the road did not hear it very well, on the basis of what seems soft suspension works.

Noticing the square mirror, as in most 2020 Volvo models, the aerodynamic noise from them in the interior is not particularly falls even at speed.

As for the drive, the new XC60 can be both forward so all-wheel drive. Distribution of traction on the two axes provides HALDEX 4 generations clutch is an electromagnetic clutch, respectively, the drive here can not be symmetrical, but still it is a constant. Because there is a certain preload ie the rear axle served a minimum of 10% of torque is I think you can feel the road.

Our 2020 Volvo typical mid-size crossover, its main competitors are considered Germans Ku5 Audi and BMW X3. Prices for basic equipment 2020 Volvo XC60 range from between 35 and 000 euros for a car with minimum diesel D3, mechanics, front-wheel drive. And the ending of 56 000 euros for R-Design version with a maximum petrol T6 machine and of course all-wheel drive. All these prices are given without regard to additional options. This car with the engine D5 (diesel) should cost around 53 000 euros in the base set.

Referring to a conversation about the competition we will not forget the Japanese market, which for about the same money offers decent options with great functionality in the base package. These include the Infiniti EX35, a similar class car only slightly smaller.

There is a model of Acura RDX, soon you will see an overview of this model as Honda has announced the model.

There is also a little higher class model in business class Toyota is Lexus RX. For efficient people do not forget soplotformennik Freelander 2 percent of it is 20% cheaper, but do not think the status is inferior.

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