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Many companies have a new approach to building cars is now being actively used. It is about the connection possibilities of two body styles in one, to establish a crossover based on the wagons and hatchbacks. If you examine the range of models of various car manufacturers, to find among them cars

that are versatile terrain will not be working for you.

Photos of the new 2020 Volvo S60 Cross Country year

Did you ever see that in one “bottle” pooled sedan and crossover? No? Then you hurry to get acquainted with the new Swedish car under the name 2020 Volvo S60 Cross Country. This model is based on the S60 sedan-based, which complement certain crossover capabilities.

news The premiere took place in the framework of a motor show in Detroit. Most importantly, the car is offered in the territory of Russia, which is why the interest in it is the higher.

We offer you today to get acquainted in detail with the creation of design and engineering, to consider the machine literally on all sides to look into the interior, to study the technical characteristics and the most interesting details, which is fraught with the still mysterious sedan terrain.

Exterior 2020 Volvo S60 Cross Country

Since this is a completely new approach to the car, his appearance causes quite a lot of controversy. But the fact remains that the 2020 Volvo was a pioneer in this area, and therefore has the right to carry out his car just as the company sees it.

On which side do not look, everywhere has its bright moments, but also quite contradictory elements. Like it or not, this machine can not be called ugly. Yet, it is based on the original sedan the S60, which in his time won many favorable reviews, nominations for the title of the most stylish car. Spoil it was extremely difficult by the designers.

Picture 2020 Volvo S60 Cross Country Front

The front end sports a polygonal trim grille adorned with a grid with large cells, as well as the performance brand name plate of the Swedish automaker. The small ribs on the long and slightly convex bonnet lend the front meant a kind of “inflation”, muscularity. The front bumper is clearly hints at the possibility of crossover because not only looks great, but is complemented by a plastic protection. Along the edges of the front bumper settled separate sections with narrow strips of LED fog lights. At the head of the optics of the LEDs is actively involved, including the main headlamp and daytime running lights. But they will be available only in the top assembly.

Picture 2020 Volvo S60 Cross Country Side

Side continue to monitor the plastic protection, secure the edges of the wheel arches, the large doors, powerful hulls of mirrors, which had to supplement the LED repeater turn signals. The huge alloy wheels and high profile tires the car looks like a real full-fledged crossover, but Sedanovskaya feed gives the true 2020 Volvo breed body shop.

Picture 2020 Volvo S60 Cross Country back

The rear part is reminiscent of the source due to the execution of the boot lid, stylish optics and decorative inserts. But then again, to emphasize the affiliation to the crossover is designed rear bumper with protection of unpainted plastic, as well as elevated feed in the background and without a solid clearance.

Speaking of dimensions. If we compare them with the sedan, the variation of the 2020 Volvo S60 Cross Country became a bit more:

  • length – 4638 mm;
  • width – 1899 mm;
  • height – 1545 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2774 mm;
  • ground clearance – 201 mm.

The interior of the 2020 Volvo C60 Cross Country

With the interior of the 2020 Volvo in the company is not particularly wiser, adopting the interior completely out of the S60 model. In principle, such an approach is logical and correct.

Photo interior of 2020 Volvo C60 Cross Country

Why change something that looks great and so? Yes, the perfect interior will not name, exactly like the appearance of the body. You alone photo and video materials can make your own opinion and examine the machine on each side and from the inside.

What in the 2020 Volvo C60 Cross Country does not take away, it’s high-quality finishing materials, refined decorative inserts, as well as a fairly good level of ergonomics.

The driver will be able to enjoy the convenience of its three-spoke multifunction steering wheel is very interesting design, as well as to know the charms of the modern use of the instrument panel, made of a liquid crystal color display.

Photo Seat 2020 Volvo C60 Cross Country

Several controversial look center console, and especially the case of washers and buttons for control of air conditioning and audio system. Unusually look ventilation vents on the center console, but rather with a plus sign. Complementing all this architecture color display multimedia.

Seats for driver and front passenger received electric adjustments pronounced lateral support, comfortable backrest profile. Comfort is provided, even on long journeys.

As for the back of the sofa, then the level of convenience for him no major complaints. Problems creates only low above the head of the sofa Triple ceiling, which for tall people can be a problem.

If we talk about the luggage compartment, it has kept the same amount as in the case of the sedan – 380 liters. Use it to fully prevent loops on the trunk lid, as well as various sidewall. For extra comfort there can not count, but a couple of his suitcase on board the vehicle, and more precisely in the luggage compartment, can take.

Components C60 Cross Country

To tell in detail about the public embodiment of the proposed 2020 Volvo S60 Cross Country year is not particularly there. That’s because this car in Russia is represented by only one bundle, which is called the Summum.

Most importantly, this variation of the equipment is far from simple. It includes such features and equipment:

  1. front air bags;
  2. side curtain airbags;
  3. ESP security system, ABS;
  4. assistance system of the car start up the hill;
  5. climate control system;
  6. Cruise control;
  7. Bi-xenon head optics;
  8. LED daytime running lights;
  9. LED fog lights;
  10. multimedia complex;
  11. multimedia touch screen with a diagonal of 7 inches;
  12. navigation system;
  13. heated front seats;
  14. electric front seat adjustment;
  15. leather upholstery;
  16. multi-function steering wheel;
  17. full power accessories;
  18. premium audio system;
  19. alloy wheels with a diameter of 18-19 inches and so on.

Price 2020 Volvo S60 Cross Country

Given the wealth of equipment, expect a low value on this car is hardly worth it. And traditionally 2020 Volvo models of recent years are not the most affordable cars in their classes.

However, expressive looks, high level of quality, reliability of the machine does its thing, and because buyers are always on it. Here and 2020 Volvo S60 Cross Country customers in Russia will not hesitate to give 2.27 million rubles. It is with this level of price tags starting at crossover sedan type. As the car filling options, the cost may increase somewhat.

Already in April of this year, the Swedish unique novelty officially available in the 2020 Volvo dealerships in Russia, so that the first customers managed to get your hands on a sedan terrain.

Specifications S60 Cross Country

Do not be surprised, but the specifications are largely duplicate the original sedan. Thus, the machine is created on the EUCD platform from Ford with a fully independent suspension – MacPherson strut front face and rear – multi-link. Electric Power Steering supplemented, operates in three different modes. Brake disc everywhere, and the front wheels are complemented ventilation.

Special choice in terms of equipping the 2020 Volvo engine compartment does not provide for its Russian customers. There is only one uncontested power unit. Although it looks quite attractive.

It is a turbocharged petrol engine 2.5-liter with direct injection. The same engine is used for equipping the S60 sedan. Its capacity is good 249 horsepower and torque of 360 Nm index.

Link to the wheels is transmitted through the all-wheel drive system with a dedicated six automatic transmission. Smart latest generation Haldex clutch of assists in the efficient allocation of power to the rear axle.

As a result, a tandem engine, box and the box provides excellent dynamics of overclocking. From zero to 100 kilometers per hour the car is gaining just 7 seconds with a little. Maximum speed is likely intentionally limited as stops at around 210 kilometers per hour. Although such a car for our road conditions more and is not necessary.

As for the efficiency of the engine in terms of efficiency, here Swedes pleasantly pleased. Indeed, in the combined cycle 2020 Volvo S60 Cross Country “eats” about 8.7 liters for every 100 kilometers traveled path.

Video Test Drive S60 Cross Country


Summarizing, we can say that 2020 Volvo has made a serious and confident step towards the conquest of a new segment. Indeed, at the moment this analog sedan terrain yet. Many believe that the 2020 Volvo S60 Cross Country is similar to the BMW X6, but in fact no one thought to refer to the Bavarian sedans. This is a full-fledged crossover.

But a brand new 2020 Volvo C60 Cross Country pleasantly surprised by its design of a body. The car certainly looks unusual. This, in turn, is an excellent reason to actively discuss new. And if it will be a lot of talk in the media, even sometimes with unflattering, it’s like to play in the 2020 Volvo hand to promote the new model.

The similarity with the S60 sedan is obvious and can be seen in so many components. But it is precisely this new terrain and positioning sedan. Nobody made it clear that for the most part we get the S60, but only with a crossover appearance and some of the little things, which will be distinguished by a simple sedan sedan with SUV capabilities.